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HeartMob is a woman owned development and production company specializing in non-fiction

television & film.

We founded the company in 2017 to share powerful, humanistic stories that resonate with audiences

on a global scale.

Our most important goal is to produce meaningful content that inspires audiences with a feeling of

greater connection to the world we all share.


Our team has deep expertise in development, international production, creative post production, graphic design, brand management, advertising, finance and mentorship.

We can unlock value at all stages of the process, from ideation all the way through to final mix whilst ensuring that creative, financial and technical expectations are met at every step along the way.


Our deep roots in the Independent Film and Hollywood Television Industries has helped our past work consistently attain a global audience and critical acclaim.

We have a proven track record of recognizing potential that others could not see and delivering results on a scale that many did not believe were possible.

Along the way we have come to believe that courage, honesty, and determination are the most important keys to our success.










Our approach to collaboration revolves around respect, transparency, and trust.

We are interested in supporting artists with authentically unique story telling voices and a globally

inclusive point of view.

Our ideal collaborators have the courage to share their truth from the heart and the determination to

execute exceptionally crafted narratives.

We are highly selective about our partners because we are only interested in content with the

potential to achieve critical acclaim and connect with a global audience.

Our approach is always holistically tailored to fit a project’s individual needs because it is impossible

to produce exceptional material with a one size fits all approach.


Thank for your interest in working with HeartMob, we look forward to reviewing your submission! The purpose of our review will not be to gauge the subjective merit or potential of your film or series but to make an objective assessment of whether or not your project is a good fit for our team.

There are a series of steps you will need to take to complete your submission, and we encourage you to be as open and objective as possible as you work through the process, which will probably

take 15-30 minutes.

We thank you in advance for being open to working with us and for taking the time to submit your project.

Terms and conditions

Have you ever read or heard someone say, “we don’t accept unsolicited submissions?” Most producers will not, and neither will we. This is why so many producers will only accept submissions through a reputable lawyer or agent. However, we understand that a lot of the most innovative content and artists are outsiders before they are insiders so we want to be able to ALSO review content from Artists who may not yet have an agent or lawyer as of yet.

So if you have reps, please feel free have them reach out (they will know how to find us), but if you don’t or you want to save some time or money, you can still  submit your project by checking these terms and conditions. And if you DO have a lawyer or agent, please know that we will still need to you to sign this agreement to review this submission but you can always have your lawyer review it here to save money and time. 

The reason we have this form is because OUR lawyer says we have to, and we do what our lawyer says. But the point of the form is that ideas cannot be copyrighted, which is an important thing to understand.... Big picture, it means we may already have projects in development now or in the future that are similar to yours in subject matter and scope and we can’t be liable for unforeseen, unintentional similarities to your work. Please know that this 100% standard operating procedure, and you should always be sure you understand an agreement before accepting terms.

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